Although not, he never ever asker her aside, when he discovered she currently is actually dating Johnny

Although not, he never ever asker her aside, when he discovered she currently is actually dating Johnny

Represented Because of the

Tommy are new quinary antagonist of the completely new The brand new Karate Kid. He had been another buddy from Johnny and you can try a student from the the fresh new Cobra Kai dojo. He had been recognized for being the very singing of your Cobra Kai group an attribute distributed to Dutch. Yet not, a main difference between the collection of terminology was one Tommy are noted for sarcasm, whereas Dutch is actually vituperative toward some body and far significantly more antisocial.

34 many years just after leaving Cobra Kai, a death Tommy was shown to be much more relaxed and you may quiet, even if his sense of humor remains. He spends his finally big date hanging out with their Cobra Kai friends and achieving their last dialogue having Johnny, just before soundly dying inside the sleep.

The new Karate Man

Tommy are earliest revealed arriving at the beach on his motorcycle with the rest off his Cobra Kai relatives. When Tommy locations Johnny’s ex boyfriend-wife, Ali Mills, the guy says to Johnny very he visits correspond with the woman if you find yourself Tommy as well as the someone else go after your.

On a single night when Daniel is actually riding their bicycle house Tommy with his family members means him making use of their motorbikes and you will knock your down the mountain. Tommy mocks Daniel to have their before appearance within Cobra Kai dojo, stating how the guy desires see karate. He had been is also read laughing derisively near to Dutch whenever Daniel is actually shoved down the slope.

For the Halloween party, Tommy are dressed up just like the a skeleton with the rest out-of his relatives. When he and additionally Johnny’s gang are beating up Daniel additional the fresh new Southern Seas apartment advanced, Mr. Miyagi leaps for the and you may sounds them all upwards.

After it’s verified you to Daniel will challenge on most of the valley tournament, their sensei John Kreese teaches the students not to annoy Daniel before the event. The very next day in school, Daniel publicly taunts and renders fun away from Tommy together with family unit members since the he knows they aren’t permitted to hurt him. Johnny almost attacks Daniel, up to Bobby reminds your that they must wait for tournament. Tommy reacts so you’re able to Daniel’s insults which have ”Have to be just take-a-worm-for-a-walk-few days!”

The guy face Daniel about 4th round in the Most of the Area event. Even after managing to score a point facing Daniel, Daniel can defeat your. Following the their defeat, he angrily guides out. The guy verbally expresses their support getting Johnny for the semifinals and you will finals. Johnny yet not seems to lose in order to Daniel regarding the finals.

12 months 1

While you are Tommy cannot build a look, he is shown in a few flashbacks, and you may said because of the Johnny. Whenever Johnny talks to his scholar Miguel Diaz on Daniel, the guy sources the full time he fought Miyagi about brand new South Waters Apartment Complex in Halloween party Moving, and also states the guy believes Tommy suffered notice destroy once the a good results.

Season dos

During the summer out-of 2018, Johnny get a phone call regarding Bobby Brownish telling your one to Tommy are seriously sick which is maybe not likely to real time having lengthier. Abreast of visiting a healthcare facility, the two previous Cobras and Jimmy to meet up a dying Tommy. Shortly after a last day of drinking, fighting a team of guys causing dilemmas and you can driving for the motorbikes like the four did within the high-school, they’re going hiking on slopes in which Tommy spends his latest times speaking to Johnny. Delivering things away from their breasts, Tommy admits their break into the Ali years back, and that Johnny never ever know regarding. The three Cobras awaken discover one Tommy had died peacefully within his sleep, saddening them. A keen ambulance later on happens and picks up Tommy’s corpse, having medical officials placing him in a body handbag.

12 months step 3

When you find yourself doing some research into Kreese, Robby Keene finds out a blog post throughout the Cobra Kai on 1983 Every Area contest. On the article, it’s states one to Tommy lost so you’re able to Johnny regarding finals, but distressed Darryl Vidal throughout the semifinals.


Tommy was a bully since rest of Johnny’s gang. He had been known for are extremely vocal, as he carry out shout out of glee or outrage away from time in order to day. In semifinals of All Area tournament, however, the guy expresses surprise whenever Kreese informs Bobby and observed your hurting Daniel’s ft, which shows you to definitely Tommy do learn whenever everything is going as well far. Even with his mean character, the guy did care about Johnny, and even attempted to convince Kreese to cease injuring Johnny after the the fresh latter’s loss during the Every Area Contest.

Thirty-few years after, he is more relaxed and peaceful. Even after perishing, the guy invested their finally times gladly fixing your relationship which have Johnny, Bobby and you will Jimmy. Like the remaining portion of the dated Cobra Kai professionals, the guy greatly distrusts Kreese. The guy renounced the latest sarcastic emotions from their youth, whether or not a touch of jokes stayed.

Throughout their history terms with Johnny, the guy admits he’s very little extended for it globe and one to Johnny has a gift off God he does not. When Johnny jokingly opinions that the present are ”good looks,” Tommy chuckles and you may responses that have, ”Other than that.” Tommy absolutely states one Johnny features fitness, and additionally go out; he then signifies that Johnny make use of the latter so you’re able to often get a hold of a lady or generate amends having Ali.

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